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Helping Businesses and Start-ups to build ,
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Hello !
I am Suyash Vashishtha

In this digital world, no business can run without a digital presence. Need a Mobile app for your business/start-up? Or a website/web app for your brand? I can help you with that. I am a Developer with a passion for building beautiful and scalable Mobile and web applications. With 2.5 Years of in-field experience, I can bring your ideas to life.

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My Work

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Playwise Mobile

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Playwise is an online social platform for gamers and the eSports community. Users can create their profiles, follow other users, create and join tournaments, watch leaderboards, chat with other users, and much more.

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Singhal Jain & Co.

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Designed and Developed for prestigious clients of Singhal Jain & Co., with the help of this app clients can get real time updates on there task just with few taps.

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Snippet Sauce

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Snippet sauce is a one-stop snippet collection platform. We provide a huge collection of fully tested and working code snippets, so you don't have to worry about try and error. You can also contribute to Snippet sauce by submitting your snippets or raising some issues. Our mission is to provide the best working code snippets with ease. From HTML to Bhai Lang we got you covered.


My Testimonials

" I worked with suyash to develop several mobile apps and I would describe him as professional and enthusiastic developer who is proficient in his work. Suyash not only develops the app but also contributes to business through his experience and suggest best way to execute any flow. Me and my team has been working with suyash from last few months and he always amazes us with his remarkable skills."

" I hired Suyash to build a React Native App that we a currently working on together. I started building the app but with full-time work I found it hard to develop on my own. I spent such a long time looking via freelancer pages and contacting developers directly but I wasn't happy with any of the options. I found Suyash via a recommendation and my search was over. This developer is exceptionally talented. After reviewing the work he's been doing for me I was impressed to read code so easily. His architecture is logical and robust as well. I was able to follow the code straight away as soon as he shared it with me. This developer writes clean code. He's also very responsive, as soon as I message him, within 30 mins he's responded. He will even take the time to respond during non working hours. I hesitate to contact him at times because I know he'll stop what he's doing to answer me. I have worked with a lot or IT engineers throughout my 18 year career and I have to say he's one of the best. I'm quite pedantic about my product and will make suggestions on the app from a client and developer perspective. Suyash will listen and make changes as you wish with no hesitation, he's ability to also respond with even better suggestions makes you want to learn from him. His ability to find a solution so quick for a specific problem that is unique to the project is uncanny. I have a few projects that I want to bring to life and Suyash is the developer I will always use. If you're looking for a React Native or MERN developer you've come to the right page."

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Spiro Alisandratos Australia

"Suyash is one of the best among all the people I have ever worked with. As I remember, Suyash was a very productive person, a hardworking, broad-minded, and forward-thinking individual. Intelligent, ambitious, energetic, and proactive perfectionist. The desire for proficiency and education makes Suyash a valuable asset to the team. Working with Suyash is a signature of success"

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